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How do I get a lasting weight loss the right way? What is the best way to lose weight for a lasting weight loss? How do I stay slim? What diet should I use for getting a lasting weight loss?


All these questions are answered on my blog. Here you find ways of losing weight the proper way by avoiding the yo-yo effect.

On my blog, you’ll discover the specific topics which you find in the menu bar just above here.

These topics cover what you need to start losing weight for a lasting weight loss but also how to make your body strong and healthy. If you are interested sign up for the free book “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days” and weekly tips presented in a no bullshit way:

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What You can Expect to Learn

The free weight loss book + tips together with the articles on the website will help you to:

  • Understand the metabolism: its meaning, importance and how it works for you, and how you make it work the best way for you to lose weight loss and avoid it coming back.
  • What foods to eat and not to eat, and why stuff like soda and the likes are extremely bad for your body if you want to stay slim in the long run.
  • What diets you should use and why you should use those.
  • What exercises that are the best for you if you don’t like to exercise, or if you actually like to exercise a lot.


Who Am I?

morten-harris-evin-olesenMy name is Morten Olesen from Denmark. I had a weight problem many years ago because of unhealthy living with too many beers, sodas, junk food and everything else of the pleasures life brings until the day I finally decided to change my living.

I figured out how to lose 55 pounds without exercising because I had and still do have knee’s problems.

I managed to lose the overweight, and worked on a new goal to get in the best physical shape, so i would be great in any sports (I had a personal goal of being a champion in a sport at the age of 40). I learned how to push my body to the limit and across it also the healthy way.

I work as a it-supporter at a university-college and when I’m not there – I love to travel, workout, coaching a soccer youth team, read and acquire knowledge, especially about the normal healthy way on living for your well being body which this site is about.


How to Get Started on Getting a Wellbeing Body….

Download your free lasting weight loss book and tips (if you haven’t already).

Then browse the website for interesting articles like these:

I hope you find what you’re looking for here and have success with it. Get a head start; sign up and start your weight loss journey now with a free book + tips.
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