Best Exercises for Love Handles – Use Them

Do you need to find the best exercises for love handles?

Of course, you do otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

Not only do you need the abs workouts to get rid of your belly you need to find the BEST exercises for weight loss to get rid of the belly also.

You will not be able to reduce fat on your body by doing exercises like side bends, crunches or sit ups.

Even though a lot of people are spending hours and hours at the gym doing the mentioned exercises, because many people think these exercises must be the greatest exercises for love handles.

Before you start thinking about the best exercises for abs you will need to focus on your diet to get rid of the fat, and then concentrate on exercises for toning the muscles.

Your calorie intake for shedding weight is the first and most important thing you should start working on. No matter how many crunches you do, you will not lose weight if your daily calorie intake is higher than the calories you burn and also concentrate on getting healthy food.

Healthy food should be lean protein, good healthy fat, vegetables, water and fruits and get rid of the processes, fried and sugar carbohydrates.

Best Exercises for Love Handles


Best Exercises for Love Handles

Maybe you are thinking now it is the time for the crunches, sit ups and other exercises for your love handles routine?

The truth is that you shouldn’t only focus on doing specific abs exercises but instead work on exercising your entire body.

The best exercises to lose weight means you should do exercises like deadlift, Squats and others which work on your entire or most of the body. These exercises have the most impact on getting lean muscles and how much fat you burn.

Then you can do exercises which isolate the muscles like side planks, crunches or others who are the best exercises for lower abs and toning these.

A good idea to speed up your fat burn process would be to include doing some high-intensity interval training like swimming, sprinting and football or else in your workouts.

You should after a period switch to low intensity and do the switch back and forth, but this is only if you want to have success very fast.

No matter how you do or not do a thing, you will not get rid of your love handles by only doing the best exercises for love handles. As a start work on getting a proper nutrition, and if you do, you will realize this will be the fastest way for you to get a slim figure.

Leave a comment below if you have some ideas to get rid of the love handles.



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Author: M.H.E. Olesen

40 year old male from Denmark with personal experience regarding weight loss, health and fitness issues. I learned how to lose weight the healthy way and get a great physique without being fanatic about it.

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  1. This was a useful article for me. The only weight problem I have centers on my love handles and it has been my mid drift I concentrate my workouts on with limited improvement. I will be trying out a different workout now just to burn fat and hopefully see myself looking good in a bikini again.

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