Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work? Get Your Answer Now

I was reading an interesting article about quitting smoking by hypnosis and through my reading it made me wonder about – does weight loss hypnosis work or is it just a load of bull?

It led me to investigate a bit if it could be a healthy way for weight loss on the subject and write this article.


Does weight loss hypnosis really work?

Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work

Hypnosis can be used to combat all dangerous philosophies that are suggested to people throughout their life. It includes over-eating. However, it can only work if the person is willing to allow it to work.

By using hypnosis for your weight loss journey, you can gain two imperative ideas. These ideas are suggested to you when you are in a hypnotic state – they suggest that change is best, and when you make a change to eat less, you are doing more than if you were dieting.

However, hypnotism is extremely expensive at times, and if you do not have the money to afford it, you can just buy CDs or tracks which can be listened to, especially at night, which will boost your inner drive to lose weight.

The hypnotist will also suggest that you think of less food. It has been studied that when people diet they are obsessing on food rather than trying to eat less. In hypnosis, the hypnotist will tell you that when you think of food less, you will lose less.

Hypnosis is thought to work because it encourages your mind to become willing to accept other ways to loose weight. Hypnotism is only to be practiced if the person wills it; also, it can not be practiced to make a person go against their standards and desires. It only works when a person is willing to do something, so, if you are suggested to murder; you will not do it unless you will it.

Weight loss should be something that all people set out to do. When it is established to lose weight, you will begin to accept any way that it is possible to lose it. Therefore, by choosing hypnosis as your answer to your weight loss inquiries, you can will your mind to get on track with the rest of your desires for weight loss.

During your hypnosis session, you should expect that the suggestions that are given unto you will change your mind and thought processes about how you view food. Cravings are said to come from your mind, and hypnosis will encourage the mind to become “reprogrammed” in its thought process. By reprogramming the mind, hunger has been proven subside.

It is believed that because of the ‘clean plate’ philosophy, which is when a parent tells a child to eat until their plate is clean, can affect people in their weight loss journey. So, the hypnotist will make suggestions into the person while they are in a hypnotic state. When they “under” they will be encouraged to think of food less and eat less.

Why hypnosis for losing weight?

don't live by the fast track ruleIn America, many people live by the “fast track” rule. It means that they want anything to be fast and will settle for fast and fatty foods. It is strengthening the nation-wide obesity rate.

When a person truly wants to lose weight but can not, they should choose hypnosis. Hypnosis will cause suggestions to overcome the person and help them to prepare for their weight loss.

It can help on your weight loss journey as it will get your mind in alignment with the rest of your desire to lose weight. Also, when one is hypnotized, their drive to complete what they went there to be hypnotized for is encouraged and strengthened.

Hypnotists target the thought processes of the “patient”, and when hypnosis is done, the person will be less likely to return to their “food-centric” mindset. So, if you want to lose weight, but can not; choose hypnosis to strengthen your will power.

Personally I have no experience with hypnosis regarding weight loss so what the best weight loss hypnosis diet is, I wouldn’t be able to give an honest answer to. What I can give an answer to, is that there are quite a few of the hypnosis diets out there. What you should be looking for is not the hypnosis part, but more what the diet in itself is about, because no matter what, you want to stick a healthy diet for your wellbeing body.

A program to achieve your goal of weight loss no matter if it is to look sexy, being attractive or be popular there is one vital thing no matter what type of way you choose to lose weight – You need to take action, because nobody else is going to do it for you.

So sign up below and start your weight loss journey in very few seconds…totally for free.

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Author: M.H.E. Olesen

40 year old male from Denmark with personal experience regarding weight loss, health and fitness issues. I learned how to lose weight the healthy way and get a great physique without being fanatic about it.

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