Fitness Goal Setting for Losing Weight is Key to Succes

If you want to lose weight by healthy exercises, you need to start by changing your habits.

You need to spend time on your workout, and you need a realistic fitness goal setting for why you’re doing it.

Changing habits is one of the hardest tasks a person can imagine.

You need to have the power to change, be positive about the project and a lot of patience and courage.

You need power, be confident, patient and courageous because whatever happens:

Tough times on the job, your boyfriend driving you crazy, the kids are annoying, you are sick of being overweight or not being lean……….

It is all up to YOU!


Be Realistic with the Fitness Goals Setting

Fitness Goal Setting is important for successFor instance, if you have decided to visit the gym three times a week 1 hour each time, it sounds realistic and should be easy to follow your smart goals.

When it comes to being realistic in your daily schedule something always occurs so you’re template can go down the drain, for example, you need to handle shopping or taking care of the kids.

Your boy- girlfriend, husband; wife or spouse might give you a hard time because you go to the gym… you always away blab. You need more time on the job or other things that need to be taken care of each day.

Courage is what you need in these incidents to hang onto your fitness goals motivation. Sometimes we have the comfort in what we have, but we are not entirely satisfied. We are letting our fear for changes decide because we are scared of what happens if we try to change things.

Ask Yourself About the Motivation for Losing Weight

have no fear with your fitness goalsIf you want to use fitness for weight loss, but you won’t visit the gym. It might be because all the people there are skinny compared to you; you’re letting your fear of how you look compared to others in the gym win. You forget to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why are those people thin?
  • Could they have been in the same situation as you, and that’s the reason they are exercising – Maybe they have a bodybuilding, aerobic or workout goal setting?
  • Could it be they also had overweight, and found joy in the benefits you get by exercising, so they are still at the gym?

So you’re not taking action or your fitness goal setting because you are afraid what other people are going to say about you working out in the gym?

Let me remove your fear from the issue…..

Those people are not going to say anything bad about you, because most of them have been where you are, and most of them actually think people who want to lose weight are relaxed because they know it can be tough to overcome your fears.

Control your fear so you do take action on what you actually want and know what you should do. Don’t let the fear control you.

How Important is it to You?

remember to do your workouts alsoWhat is your husband going to say if you leave a couple of hours Saturday morning for a workout while he takes care of the kids?

What is your boss going to say if you leave the job one hour earlier a few times?

What will the kids say if you implement healthy nutrition in the family?

What is your girlfriend going to say if you spend time on your exercise goal setting instead of spending quality time with her?

Not all people have those problems of course, but a lot of people do, and it often happens that they lose the motivation for daily & weekly exercise to obtain the weight loss.

Ask yourself how important it is to lose weight, not the thoughts or dreams you have about skinny belly or bum, but how important is it to become thin?

Do you want to spend the time it takes or do you want to use the time on other things?


Changes to Your Goal Settings

make changes to your fitness goalWhen you have decided, it is important to keep the focus on the opportunities and not the limits.

Imagine what things make your life healthier and better and implement those things. If good habits come into your life inevitably bad habits vanish.

If you want to drink less soda’s and you start to drink 2 liters of water, you surely don’t feel the need for thirst. You will automatic not drink the soda’s you did before because you simply don’t feel the need for them.

Instead of quitting workouts because your goal was three days a week, but you never manage to have time for it. If you are working out twice a week, use that as a goal and celebrate what you have achieved.

Think positive, and maybe you can have a new goal about trying to achieve workout three days a week, and this goes for all fitness goal examples.

Adjust things, so you work on realizing your fitness goal settings.


Be Patient with Your Fitness

be patience every day with your fitness goalsPatience is needed because as humans are we lazy and just want a quick fix that doesn’t involve time or energy.

You need to change this behavior and have patience, because losing 10 pounds is going to take some time, and those 10 pounds are not just vanished tomorrow morning, but you can get rid of it.

You need the power, be confident, patient and courageous because whatever happens the fact is that you can get rid of overweight. Write it down on a sheet and get into the right state of mind.

Now you know that it does take some commitment for being able to do workouts, you have the tools have to find time and way to do it.

Now it is time to take action – Don’t wait until Monday or the week after. If you want to stop dreaming about having a hot body and HAVE the sexy attractive body, you need to begin this very second.

Those things you think when you see other people and dream about you should do something about it yourself – Those dreams can and should be a reality and not dreams. All it takes is taking action and maybe next month, the months after or even six months from now you have realized your goal of becoming sexy and attractive! Why not try to realize it by changing your lifestyle and take things steps by step?

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Author: M.H.E. Olesen

40 year old male from Denmark with personal experience regarding weight loss, health and fitness issues. I learned how to lose weight the healthy way and get a great physique without being fanatic about it.

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