How to Get Skinny Thighs Made Simple

Getting thin thighs is a dream for women. However, most are not able to achieve them only because they are not clear about how to get skinny thighs. Fat thighs not only increase the feeling of self-consciousness but also make walking difficult.

A combination of correct exercise along with the proper lifestyle is necessary to achieve skinny thighs, and this can be achieved in a week or 2 weeks, but you should learn to implement the lifestyle change over time instead of going for a fast solution.

The interesting point is that the thighs of women start to get skinny when the body fat percentage is around 18. However, understanding about the type of thighs is necessary in order to make them slim and toned.

Your approach to getting skinny ones varies in accordance to the type of thighs you have – muscular or fat. In case you are not sure of the same, here is what you can do.


The Test

The slim thigh test helps in distinguishing between a muscular and a thick thigh. Tighten the thigh muscles after straightening the legs and pinch the top layer of skin. If there is excessive squeeze, fat content is the reason. If the pinch is a small one, you have large leg muscles.


Slim Thighs

Here are a few points that can help you and maybe even help you how to get skinny inner thighs like models.

Reduce Calorie Intake

The first and most important point to understand at this point is that spot reduction is simply not possible in case of thighs. You would need to lose body weight in order to get skinny legs and not muscular.

One excellent way to do so is to reduce the calorie intake. You can lose one to two lbs. Per week by cutting back 500 to 1000 calorie each day but remember, this can be unhealthy for kids.

Opt for Foods that are High on Volume

Foods that are high on volume keeps you full for long, and you do not feel the urge to eat again and again. In addition, they are low on calorie content as well. A few examples include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, low-fat dairy products and lean meat among others so remember this when you go for shopping for your diet. As a help, you could check out the healthy eating guide from Harvard School of Public Health.


If you want to get thin thighs, you need to know that water has a number of related benefits that helps you lose weight and attain lean thighs in turn. It does not contain calories and makes you feel full as well. In addition, drinking cold water also makes the body burn off calories to warm the same, and you lose weight in turn.


How to Get Skinny Thighs


Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises play a vital role when it comes to burning off fat and getting skinny thighs.

Doing the same five to six days a week provides the desired results for thighs and legs. In addition, there are a number of different forms of thigh exercises to choose from, and you can opt for one as per your preferences.

The options include fast paced walking, running, swimming, jumping rope, and elliptical training, or you might want to check out some aerobic exercises to get skinny among others. Exercising for 60 minutes each day with moderate intensity provides the desired results.

Resistance Training

Resistance training can be taken up in case you have already lost the excessive fats of your fast thighs and are looking to get the perfect shape by building muscles or want a way how to get skinny fast.

Inner thighs in the last place from where fats are reduced in case you have opted for body fat loss and thus patience, and continuous efforts are necessary.

This could be your way how to get skinny thighs, but there is one thing that is certain, you don’t get skinny unless you try some thin thigh workout so start implementing these tips in your daily routines.


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Author: M.H.E. Olesen

40 year old male from Denmark with personal experience regarding weight loss, health and fitness issues. I learned how to lose weight the healthy way and get a great physique without being fanatic about it.

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