Laxatives and Weight Loss? The Insanity Must STOP!

Laxatives and weight loss?

I have to say it out loud…


People are using laxatives to lose weight and it just makes me wonder if the world has gone totally crazy.

Laxatives were once taken for problems with the bowels but they are now abused by many people in the western culture. A laxative will affect the bowels and cause a person to have near-instant bowel movement (who said bulimia?).

This is fine when one is constipated or needs to remove the toxic waste within them, however, when used for weight loss…

It can be extremely dangerous to your health if you consider using such an anorexia supplements for a way to drop some pounds.


do go for crazy weight loss ways


What Laxatives do When Abused

Laxatives affect the intestines. They attack the cells within the intestines to cause a movement which will cause a person to use the restroom. Laxatives were strictly created for the use of constipation and not for a laxative abuse to shed pounds of the belly but in today’s world, there is a desire for instant gratification.

Many people do not wish to work out or diet but would rather have a quick fix. These quick fixes can range from laxatives to “miracle weight loss” drugs but are very unhealthy diet ways to lose weight. Also, laxatives are meant for the large intestines but the true calories from food get absorbed in the small intestines. This means that you really are not losing weight when you become a laxative junkie.

Taking too many laxatives can cause the human body to become dehydrated (click here to read my article “Why Fast Diets and Dehydration Is Unhealthy” from Dehydration can lead to hospitalization or in severe cases, death. So, technically, when a person takes too many laxatives, they are committing a slow suicide.

The FDA has never approved laxatives for weight loss purposes and although it may work at times, it causes the person to lose only water and fluid weight, which is quickly added back on as the person consumes more liquids.


laxatives and weight loss need to be controlled


A healthy diet, working out, and drinking lots of water is the only true way to get thin. These have been proven effective throughout the ages and cannot be beaten. Do not allow yourself to get into the laxative rage.

In fact, did you know that too many laxatives can actually cause you to bloat up and become more constipated? When you abuse laxatives, your body will build immunity towards them and you will no longer be able to process them. You will also have to deal with the continual long term effects of using the laxatives. Your body will depend on laxatives to use the restroom and you will not be able to have a bowel movement without them.

Moral is: laxatives and weight loss are dangerous! Do not get into the habit of abusing them or any other diet pills like Hoodia which haven’t been proven to be safe! You should have a healthy diet plan, drink lots of water, eat less, and work out more if you truly desire to lose weight.

These methods have been proven effective for hundreds of years. Don’t become a laxative junkie. Treat your body with the respect that it deserves.

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Author: M.H.E. Olesen

40 year old male from Denmark with personal experience regarding weight loss, health and fitness issues. I learned how to lose weight the healthy way and get a great physique without being fanatic about it.

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  1. Losing weight is not as easy at seems, this is probably the reason why others use drugs to shed weight. There are three important factors that will help lose weight, proper eating habits, regular exercise and the right attitude.

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  2. This is a really interesting article and one I found funny, even though the topic is serious. Obviously I’m interested in health and fitness if I’m on this blog, and weight lose is one area I’m in need of help with. But I come from a time when laxatives were taken as a last resort, and only for constipation. The thought of taking a laxative as a diet aid, and suffer through the discomfort… No Thank You! It truly is odd what people will do today to look fit without working at it, or actually being fit.

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