The 3 Great Exercises for Losing Abdominal Fat

Don’t we all in some degree like losing abdominal fat?

Most of us want the flat stomach, and I’m not talking about showing off six packs, but just a simple cool looking flat stomach that shows you are in shape and good health.

Most people can say yes to have tried different things for achieving a flat stomach and most have tried all the tough and wrong abdominal workouts available.

Problem with the exercises is that every exercise offers a different advantage for the people who perform them, and most times people somehow manage to do a lot of abdominal exercises without ever achieving anything.

If you are one of those people and maybe even asked yourself the question why is belly fat the last to go, then I have an answer for you.

Getting rid of belly fat is the last fat on your body you are going to get rid of. The fat on your stomach is like a train station, and the trains do get in and out the whole time.

You can get rid of your belly fat, but for you to do this, you need to get rid of fat in overall.

What you can achieve by doing abdominal exercises is getting a strong stomach core.

The following exercises will not deal with the belly muscles like if you do the traditional exercises, but will treat your primary muscles which will support them at the same time. The benefit about these exercises is you don’t need machines.


Pull Up Exercise for Losing Abdominal Fat

It is an exercise that, usually, works on your back muscles mostly, but it also very useful for your stomach muscles, because you will stretch both your back and front muscles at the same time.

Doing it enough could replace the situps for working on your stomach muscles, you just need to feel your stomach is strain hard.


Losing Abdominal Fat with exercises


Pull Down Exercise for Your Abs

It is the opposite of pull up, and it works almost the same way for your stomach muscles. The difference is that this is the softer type of the exercise, but works on your entire upper body also.


Pushup Exercise for Losing Body Fat

This exercise can give you significant results for your abs and for you core muscles and it is very simple to do.

You are working on all of the upper body muscles, and you are burning fat in overall by doing this exercise. You will never burn fat on your belly only any matter what exercise you do, so doing exercises that work on more muscles at the same time, should speed up your metabolism rate.

There is the elevated push up, counter elevated and horizontal push up, and each type gives the best exercise for all of your upper body.

Make sure you tuck in your belly because it will make your abs working even more during the push up exercise.

These exercises are superb for your stomach muscles. The best part is that they work for your entire upper body – Only thing it takes is commitment, and you will feel and see the difference in losing your belly fat in time.

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Author: M.H.E. Olesen

40 year old male from Denmark with personal experience regarding weight loss, health and fitness issues. I learned how to lose weight the healthy way and get a great physique without being fanatic about it.

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