Maintaining Weight Loss by Knowing Your Habits

Everybody you know or heard about who had a weight loss and also had success in maintaining the weight loss have probably changed their bad habits.

Implemented the new healthy habits and lasting weight loss is a positive motivation to stick with it for a lifetime.

It is difficult to say “change XXX” and then it works for all of us, because we are all different individuals and tend to have different patterns. Of course, there are healthy ways for losing weight guidelines and plenty of them is about how to drop the calories but it doesn’t change the fact that we as humans have different habits.

If you have to lose weight and stick with it too, you help yourself best by figuring out what your bad habits are and also find the changes that will work for you. There is no point in changing a habit if you go back into same pattern 10, 20 or 50 days from now.


Maintaining Weight Loss by learning


On Adventure

You need to go on an adventure searching for your habits. First thing you have to figure out is when do you want to lose weight – today, tomorrow or never?

Next thing you need to figure out on your weight loss adventure is – Do you want to take the trip alone, together with a friend or family?

An imperative reason for this is….

You need to take action and the responsibility for you losing weight is YOURS.

But even though you have the responsibility all alone it is a superb idea to have support cheering for your side, and the best support is from the people in your daily routine. They know all your habits and who is better to help in maintaining the new weight after weight loss.

Another good support is a group of people that want to join the adventure and take responsibility with you. People who need to know how to maintain weight themselves.

Maybe three is a crowd but only in romantic affairs, so if you live alone team up with a friend or groups of friends that need weight loss themselves, or join a group somewhere because the motivation for maintaining your weight loss is higher with more people.


change your lifestyle to maintain weight loss


An Annoying Thing about Habits

Your bad habits will try to take you away from your way of weight loss, and will try to fight against any success in maintaining a weight loss.

Reason for this is that we live in a society or time where we are bombarded with temptations. I live in Denmark, and we have this little thing called up sells everywhere (probably the same at your place).

You can go to a store and all you need is a pack of cigarettes, a cola or something else, but you always end up coming out of the store with 5 snickers, 2 cokes and 5 other very bad for your weight loss things, and sometimes the only thing you didn’t get, was the one thing you actually went to buy. Temptations, commercials and bad nutrition are totally insane and sometimes it can be very bad for any diet you have going.

So you need to fight your bad habits all the time, and I can say it will become easier when you’re starting to implement a healthy lifestyle with these tips how to maintain weight loss.

For you to have weight loss, you need to start it by figure out what your bad habits are. When you know them, you can start your adventure on the way to a lasting weight loss by knowing; Maintaining weight loss can be hard, but it can be done as long you know how to study your habits.

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Author: M.H.E. Olesen

40 year old male from Denmark with personal experience regarding weight loss, health and fitness issues. I learned how to lose weight the healthy way and get a great physique without being fanatic about it.

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