7 Myths of Weight Loss You Must Know About

When you search for facts of weight loss you will find a lot of myths of side effect, fat loss or just misdirecting information and believes and these myths are actually doing the opposite of what they were intended for.

The stories of weight loss often include people having the following weight loss myths and facts wrong and because of this misconceptions people fail having success with their diet.

To kill these myths about weight loss you can read about some of the myths of weight loss many people believe to be true, right here.


Wine Is Not Bad For Weight Loss

Research shows that intake of alcohol leads to a stress reaction in the body, which leads the excess calories into abdominal fat. 1 glass of wine is about 0.88 pounds which you need to work off and this is a very good reason to understand how alcohol have an impact on your health.


Fruit Is Not Fat

Fruit is good for you and this not really one of the myths about weight loss but you still need to look on the amount you eat.

If you overdo the intakes of fruit with 2-3 pieces then you gain those extra pounds you need to get rid of again.

Juice for instance gives you the same amount of calories as sodas. Dried fruit, apricots and grapes are not the best fruits for you to lose weight and this is a one of the big myths of food.


Muscles Become Fat

Your muscles can be a bit less lean when you’re not working on them anymore, and if you don’t exercise at all there can appear fat.

But muscles and fat are separated physiologically, and there will never be any transform of fat from muscles to fat even though there are a lot misguided myths of fitness everywhere.

When you feel your muscles are becoming looser, it is because the leanness is gone so you need to exercise again.


myths of weight loss say mucles become fat


Diet Products Make You Become Thin

In our days most people actually believe the hype about diet products, and instead of doing all the right things they compensate by buying, eating and drinking diet products.

Diet cola which doesn’t have any calories at all can make you fat. When you drink a diet coke the sweet taste will cheat your blood sugar and make a hunger for real sweets.

This means you need to satisfy the hunger and you compensate by eating other diet stuff…

And then it goes around and around.

Most people still believe Diet Products are healthy and this is one of the really serious myths of obesity which in my opinion should be taken more serious so people starting to realize the truth about diet products.


Abs Exercises Give You Fat Loss on the Belly

When you do fitness you burn off calories on the entire body and not only the fat surrounding the muscles are you stimulating.

If you like to get rid of belly fat, then you need to eat correctly, eat less and do more workout and exercising. You need to get rid of stress, alcohol and bad carbs for weight loss on the belly.


Running is the Best Way for Losing Weight

Running is good and you do burn calories but science facts of fitness says cross country or rowing will burn more calories and you don’t get the same injuries.

Even though it is one of the worst myths of calories still a lot of people don’t know this as one of the weight loss myths and facts.


Obese People Don’t Have any Metabolism

There are a very few people that have hereditarily impaired metabolism, but only a very few.

Each extra amount of fat and muscles contribute to your resting metabolism, so even when you sit on the couch you are using them. But it increases when you walk, workout, exercise or do other activities, because each pound you need to “get moved along” when you’re doing workout, means if you have overweight your metabolism should be higher than for a slim person. So your chance of weight loss should increase.

These are some of the weight loss myths I been told throughout my life.

I bet you have an opinion about weight loss myths and facts so please do leave a comment below right now.

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Author: M.H.E. Olesen

40 year old male from Denmark with personal experience regarding weight loss, health and fitness issues. I learned how to lose weight the healthy way and get a great physique without being fanatic about it.

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