No Excuses for Weight Loss – Avoid These

The most effective way to lose weight is not to cut corners even though we all do it, It’s in the human nature.

We all know the excuses, and we have all used them no matter if we went for the fast solution of weight loss or went for a more naturally healthy way to lose weight.

What is happening is that we are lying to ourselves, and we restrict ourselves from achieving those things we really want, for example, to have the most effective diet and to make it last.

Read here if you recognize some of the excuses we all use from time to time for your motivation to use no excuses for weight loss and take action.


“I can´t lose weight.”

Probably for a very few people is it true when they wonder “why aren’t I losing weight?” –  They just can´t lose weight. But the majority is just using it as an excuse.


girlfriend angry at boyfriend for being out late

Your girl or boyfriend might forgive you when using excuses – But when you do it for not starting or failing your weight loss forgiveness is not going to bring you anywhere


You hear the excuse “I can´t lose weight” quite a lot from people who deep down want to lose weight “I eat healthy food, I exercise but nothing happens so I can´t be bothered to do it anymore.” But usually they are eating more calories than the body burns, so, of course, the weight won´t go down and not talking about diabetes or others in this term.


“I don’t have time.”

Probably the most typical reason we have all used. Not having the time to lose weight, is a very silly excuse because losing weight isn’t a matter of working out 3 hours a day. A little exercise is better than no exercise!

Change your daily routine and prioritize, so you get some exercise every day, for instance in front of the television. Or find the most effective way to lose weight fast.


“I don’t have time to cook”

To change the way you eat and what you eat, won’t take up all your time. Start out with smaller changes: e.g. eat smaller portions, use less fat when cooking, make a habit of eating more vegetables, know what carbohydrate to eat and in general get your nutrition right.


do you use excuses to watch tv instead of fitness

Using injuiry excuses for watching television instead of working out?


“I can’t exercise because of an injury.”

Of course, you can have a bad knee or something else that prevents you from exercising hard. Don’t despair! You can go for a walk, do some stretching exercises, start on the yoga at home or gym, and do pushup, sit ups or something else.

It’s good for the body and over time it will help you lose weight. You might want to figure out the most useful place to lose weight that could be at home in front of the television doing exercises.


“I love takeout.”

We all know takeout is bad, and we should avoid it. But because of our lifestyle it is difficult to avoid takeout altogether. So what is a healthy diet for losing weight if you have to use takeout?

If you get takeout then try to avoid too much cheese on the pizza, avoid the fries and get boiled potatoes instead and get the sauce at the side so you can control it. Too much junk food makes it hard to lose weight, so cut down the junk in fast food as much as you possibly can.


“I start changing my life on Monday.”

There is no excuse for not changing your habits, and you know it. When Monday arrives, we push it even further. So begin the change right away, and you might even want to be ambitious and take on the task of finding the most effective way in just one week.


“People will laugh at me in the gym because I am overweight and out of shape.”


Take a 30 minute walk alone instead of the gym and cut down on the food. You will never get in shape or get thin unless you start changing. Use the most effective time to lose weight and keep the focus there.


Leave a comment below with your own or some excuses you heard about.


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Author: M.H.E. Olesen

40 year old male from Denmark with personal experience regarding weight loss, health and fitness issues. I learned how to lose weight the healthy way and get a great physique without being fanatic about it.

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