Popular and Weird Trends for Getting Skinny Fast

Check out these weird trends for getting skinny fast that women use like there is a phenomenal new (crazy?) trend.

It’s nickname is The Toddler Diet, and it consists of a person eating only food meant for babies (Toddler Nutrition Guide from MedLinePlus).

This consists of mostly fruits, like plums or apples though there are other food groups. What is says is that you should mirror a baby’s diet?!

It worked for Jennifer Aniston, who according to rumors has been on this Toddler diet for years, hence why her body is perpetually toned and age-proof.

Even though I wouldn’t personally eat baby food and not sure it sounds very healthy it could undoubtedly be worth a try for any girl who is weight-conscious, but at the same time it would be a rather crazy idea…to be honest.

It is not that difficult for a lady to get skinny quickly with the right motivation, but must the proper diet also, and there are hundreds of trends that people discover almost every day.



Do you feel like doing this when you hear about some of these Things?



Another new diet and even more crazy weight loss trend are the nasal feeding tube.

This is where a woman eats through one tube put into her nose. It is more popular among wedding brides, who use it so that they may comfortably fit their shapely wedding gowns.

Its effectiveness is unquestionable, as the brides’ calorie intake goes down from three thousand to about eight hundred. At the cost of $1,500, this is “perfect” for anyone who can afford it?

One thing about this so-called diet that I find rather repulsive is the fact that food through a tube in the nose is what people with cancer in the throat gets. I don’t think they find it very pleasant.

There are various new get skinny fast trends for women and another one of the modern ones and not as crazy as the two already stated is hybrid health.

This is where women combine the best characteristics of several exercise styles and types.

For instance, Yogalates fuses Pilates, which boosts strength, with Yoga. This fusion ensures that women burn twice as many calories and in half the regular time. They can hence get skinny exceptionally fast. This is only perfect for women who wish to lose weight rapidly and in a healthy way.

Many women with ample bodies often ponder on tips how they get skinny. Star Jones, an original member of The View, was in this class. However, she opted to have gastric bypass surgery. This enabled her to lose weight in record time. She went from weighing a massive 307 pounds to weighing the more than acceptable 157 pounds. She lost 150 pounds in the process.

Gastric bypass surgery has always been controversial, for some reasons. However, the effect is evident for all people to see, as massive weight loss in a short time is no longer a fantasy.

Now, there is a quick, healthy and efficient getting skinny fast diet called the Dukan Diet, which guarantees just that, .

It emerged in France, where it has become so popular that over a million French women now rely on it to gain the a perfect figure.




Celebrities are no strangers to the diet, as the likes of Jennifer Lopez are also on The Dukan Diet.

The Diet is made by a french nutritionist & dietician, and the diet is a protein based nutritional approach that is about a healthy eating plan. It is based on how we as primitive humans used to live back when we were hunters.

There are 100 foods in the Dukan Diet, and you can eat as you want, as long you only stick to the 100 food sources. There are 4 phases in the diet: Attack phase, Cruise phase, Consolidation phase and Stabilization Phase.

For women who want to get skinny, this diet could be the perfect answer. So, the next time you are looking for healthy, quick and well-proven ways to be skinny quickly ensure that you take the above pointers into consideration, and you can read the reviews of the above Dukan Diet books by clicking on the pictures if you like.

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40 year old male from Denmark with personal experience regarding weight loss, health and fitness issues. I learned how to lose weight the healthy way and get a great physique without being fanatic about it.

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